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LiftBoxx is a flexible and market orientated organization, specialized in efficient solutions within the transport sector. Offering innovative products and services and focused on efficient (city)distribution, LiftBoxx can be seen as a game changer in the market, continuously improving products and processes. 

LiftBoxx legacy of 100 years of experience and knowledge contributed to a broad product portfolio focused on various target groups. 

Because of the modular construction of LiftBoxx products, innovative and revolutionary solutions can be offered both customized and serially produced. In addition to the innovative and quality products, LiftBoxx highly values personalized and adequate service.



The mission of LiftBoxx is to make logistics done quicker and more efficient. We reach our goal by offering a range of smart distribution solutions, which help our customers: 

– transport their cargo quicker 
– carry more volume 
– save on fuel costs 
– work ergonomically with less absenteeism 
– experience higher comfort 
– decrease vehicle damages 
– decrease their CO2 footprint 
– obtain high residual values


The vision of LiftBoxx is to strive for qualitative and sustainable growth of its core values, incorporated in the company’s course of action


People: we expect integrity, passion, leadership, ambition and quality in everything our people do.
Proft: maximize long-term return of investment to our shareholders, within the scope of our responsibilities.
Planet: we act with respect to our environment in order to reduce our footprints and contribute to sustainability.
Partners: we value our relationship with customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, in order to add value.
Portfolio: we offer a portfolio to be able to fully serve the needs of every customer.
Productivity: we work hard to keep finding smarter and more efficient ways of working.


Liftboxx, formerly known as “Alco” was founded in 1916 by Alphons Cox (Al-Co). Alphons started with the manufacturing of wheels, followed by simple farmers carts. Right from the start the company has been a pioneer in technology and innovations. Since the 1930s, Alco was producing complete vehicles and various types of trailers on a larger scale.

In 1960, Alphons’ only son Gerard took over the company and anticipated on increased demand to luxury transportation- and distribution. With Gerard, the company specialized in commercial vehicles- and trailers, especially boat trailers.

In 1974, after the premature death of Gerard, his son René took over. René, a technical and innovative genius, continued and expanded the innovative character of the company. Not only did he developed unique low floor chassis and customized vehicles, he also added innovative productontdevelopment to the portfolio. In 1990 an unique air suspension has been developed for low weight commercial vehicles as well as the introduction of an electrical car. In 1994

Innovation and development have become the company’s unique selling points and in 1997 René decided to reduce the portfolio in order to focus on developing specialized chassis and trailers.  In 2014, after 40 years of dedication, René passed on the baton to the next generation: Robert. management of the X-Low product from Coxx. René continues with LiftBoxx. Now that the trend towards last mile vehicles has risen, we have launched an electric version, this Liftboxx is the smartest distribution truck in the world.

Fast loading and unloading without a tail lift and still taking pallets and roll containers, lowering in 6 seconds and rising in 11 seconds, nobody can do that to us.